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Alabama’s “Safer at Home” updates related to COVID-19

“Dear San Carlos Owners & Guests,


Earlier today, Governor Kay Ivey held a joint press conference to provide further updates on the COVID-19 pandemic.  As of 5 p.m. on April 30, the new Safer-at-Home order would go into effect.  The new order encourages individuals to stay home and follow good sanitation practices. It also states the following:

Safer at Home Order

Employers – Businesses may open subject to sanitation and social-distancing guidelines; certain higher risk businesses remain closed.

Retail Stores – All retail stores open subject to 50% occupancy rate. Social distancing guidelines still in place.

Beaches – Open except no gatherings of 10 persons or more. Social distancing guidelines still in place.

Medical Procedures – Allowed unless prohibited in the future by the State Health Officers to preserve resources necessary.


Many things are staying the same. The following things remain closed during the Safer-at-Home order:

In-Restaurant dining

Athletic facilities such as gyms and fitness centers

close-contact service providers such as barber shops and salons

child day care facilities that allow more than 12 children in a room

educational institutions


In an effort to answer many of your questions, please see the included FAQ sheet, the Order itself, and the Health Order Update.  Once the San Carlos Board of Directors has an opportunity to further review and discuss the new update, we will post additional information.


Thank you all sincerely,

– San Carlos Management

(Dan – 251.747.4111)”





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