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COVID 19 - San Carlos Update

Dear San Carlos Owners & Guests,

Governor Kay Ivey and State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris issued a public health order effective Saturday, April 4, at 5:00 p.m. until Thursday, April 30, which requires every person in Alabama to stay at his or her place of residence except as necessary to perform essential activities. Anyone leaving home must maintain six feet of separation from other people.

In accordance with the order, Mayor Robert Craft issued the following statement:

“We fully support Governor Ivey and the State Health Department’s Stay at Home Order. Compliance with this Order is vital to our collective ability to minimize impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic which is threatening our state,” said Mayor Craft. “We all have a role and can do our part to flatten the curve, preserve vital healthcare resources and protect our loved ones and community. None of these actions work without all of us taking the virus seriously, being diligent with our individual sanitization, following the social distancing guidelines and staying at home unless it is absolutely necessary to go out.”

Essential activities are defined in the health order and are as follows:

To obtain necessary supplies, to obtain or provide necessary services, to attend religious services, to take care of others, to work at essential businesses and operations, to engage in outdoor activity, to seek shelter, to travel as required by law.

Essential businesses and operations, listed below, must take all reasonable steps to avoid gatherings of 10 persons or more and maintain a consistent six-foot distance between persons:

Essential government functions, Health-care providers and caregivers, Essential infrastructure, Manufacturing facilities, Agricultural operations and farms, Essential retailers, Essential services, Media operations, Education operations, Financial services, Professional services, Providers of basic necessities to economically disadvantages populations, Construction and construction-related services, Essential public services, Military or defense operations, Essential services or product providers, Religious entities, Federally designated critical infrastructure, Other state-designated essential businesses and operations.

In addition, effective immediately, any person who has tested positive for COVID-19 shall be quarantined to their place of residence for a period of 14 days after receiving positive test results. Quarantined persons may not leave their place of residence for any reason other than to seek necessary medical treatment.

The statewide order also requires quarantined persons to take precautions as directed by their health care provider or the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) to prevent the spread of the disease to others. Persons needing assistance with their needs while under quarantine may contact Alabama Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) at

Regarding grocery stores, pharmacies and other stores, the following rules apply:

Emergency maximum occupancy rate. A retail store shall allow no more than 50 percent of its normal occupancy load inside the store at any one time. The store must station enough staff at the store entrances and exits to enforce this requirement.

Social distancing. An employee of a retail store may not knowingly allow customers or patrons to congregate within six feet of one another.

Sanitation. A retail store shall take reasonable steps to comply with guidelines on sanitation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and ADPH.

* Please also note that the beach and pool at San Carlos also will remain closed in accordance with the dates of the above referenced public health order (i.e. until April 30, 2020).

Please contact me with any questions or concerns (251.747.4111).

San Carlos Management (Dan)

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