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San Carlos - Floors 4-20 Tile Removal & Installation

Dear San Carlos Owners & Guests,

Please know that over the next few weeks American Tile will be taking this vacancy opportunity to remove and install tile in as many lobby floors (4-20) as possible.  Given the current situation with COVID-19, this is an opportune time to avoid the inconvenience this work would otherwise be causing.  Today the tear-out began on the 5th floor and two separate crews will be moving forward with the 4th and 6th through the end of this week.  We anticipate completing at least two floors per week but this estimate may change depending on whether or not the sound membrane can be removed more easily on the remaining floors (i.e. American will be trying various methods to remove the sound membrane by use of heat).  

Please note:  if you are an ’05 (or PH3) Owner, would you please email or contact me at your convenience with your upcoming reservation list through May 15th.  I will make every effort possible in an attempt to avoid tear-out of your lobby if you have an occupancy between now and May 15th.  

Thank you all sincerely and please contact me with any questions or concerns. 



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