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3rd Floor Tile Project - Temporary Fitness/Conference Room Closure

Dear San Carlos Owners & Guests, 

The Board of Directors would like to spread the word about the safety/security problems related to the third floor tile construction project. 

As many of you are aware, this project has been an absolute nightmare.  This work was started before Christmas and was initially scheduled to be completed on or before January 1, 2020.  Upon initial completion, a third-party cleaning company unfortunately (and inadvertently) caused permanent damage to the new tile by use of a faulty buffing machine (i.e. a metal part on the machine scratched all of the newly installed tile).  Please know that the Board of Directors sincerely apologizes for this occurrence despite the fact that it was not within their control (i.e. the tile installation company hired this third party cleaning company, not the Association).  Also, please know that the Board of Directors fully recognizes that the Snowbirds are not the only individuals impacted by this situation as many San Carlos Owners have also had to rearrange and deal with the repercussions.

At this point in time, various safety and security issues have been brought to the Board’s attention stemming from unauthorized use of the conference/exercise rooms along with removal of barriers and signs.  Please understand that the Board initially wanted to accommodate everyone as long as there was no impact on the safety/security of all guests and owners at San Carlos.  Unfortunately, based upon recent events that have taken place, the Board has no choice but to temporarily suspend all use of fitness and conference rooms unit the tile project is complete.  Accommodations are no longer manageable without significant risk (along with other legal issues including trespass, wrongful use, etc.).   

Please spread the word as you come into contact with other guests and owners at San Carlos.  The Board would also like to reiterate that they all truly enjoy having the snowbirds at San Carlos and have always advocated use of the amenities on the property (free of charge).  This situation is unique due to the safety and security of all guests/owners as well as toward the building as a whole.  Lastly, please know that everyone is working diligently to bring this project to closure as quickly as possible while at the same time assuring that the remarkable new tile is properly installed and not damaged.    

At this point in time, the Board anticipates a re-open date of the fitness and conference rooms on February 28, 2020

Thank you all sincerely and please contact me with any questions or concerns. 

– Dan


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