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Happy New Year & Brief Update

Dear San Carlos Owners & Guests,

Happy New Year to everyone!  Please note the following brief updates as we bring in the new year:

1)  The 3rd floor tile project is closing in on completion.  After speaking to the tile vendor this morning, we are still on track to have the third floor reopened for owner/guest use on January 1, 2020. 

2)  Parking passes – please note that at the 2019 Annual Meeting, parking passes were increased to $30 each (to take effect January 1, 2020).   

3)  Coogan landscaping will be working on the island portions of the parking lot today and tomorrow.  Please expect landscape material trucks in and out of the parking lot for purposes of delivery and hauling. 

4)  The November 2019 financials have been posted on the website for Owner review. 

Thank you and again, Happy New Year!

– Dan

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