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** Construction Notice **

Dear San Carlos Owners & Guests:

You may have noticed the various signs in the elevators and lobbies pertaining to the re-tiling project on the third floor lobby.  I wanted to send you all this more detailed explanation of the project which will begin on December 17 and last through, approximately, December 23.  The first few days will entail removal of the existing tile by use of loud equipment (all tile on the third floor including the restrooms, behind the front desk, and the two offices).  The vendor for this project, American Carpet, will be adhering to the San Carlos Construction/Remodeling Work Rules which prohibit “loud work” to occur anytime outside of the designated time frame (i.e. anytime outside of 9:00am through 3:00pm Monday through Friday).  All other work not falling into the “loud work” portion of the rules will adhere to the normal construction time-frame of 9:00am through 5:00pm (Monday through Sunday).  

Important Notes:

1)  U.S. Mail and Package Deliveries – all package deliveries will continue as normal with all packages being placed on the kitchen counter in the conference room.  Please contact me and I will be happy to deliver your packages to your specific unit.  U.S. Mail will continue to run normally but please refrain from trying to check your unit mailbox until after the 5:00pm on a daily basis for purposes of your own safety and convenience of our vendor.  

2)  Fitness Room and Restrooms – during the initial tear-out portion of this project, the fitness room and third floor restrooms will be unavailable.  American Carpet has explained that once the tear-out portion of the project is complete, they will work diligently to install the new tile in a manner allowing Fitness Room access as soon as possible.  

3)  Vendor Sign-In Book – I have placed a temporary welcome table in the first floor lobby (along with a notice and the sign-in sheet).  If you have any unit projects scheduled or vendors that will arrive over the next week, please ask that they sign-in there.  I have also left a sign with my contact information for purposes of obtaining KABA codes for roof A/C access (*note – I will be on site during the course of this project and my office will be located in the conference room – accessible only through the rear balcony door leading down to the pool).  I have also placed a few copies of the San Carlos Construction/Remodeling Work Rules on the welcome table if any vendors need to review/sign such. 

Lastly, I fully recognize that noise will be an issue over the next few days due to the various tools that are needed during the tear-out process.  I have contacted various management companies, spoken with guests on-site, and will continue to give as much notice and explanation as possible.  If you will be present over the next few days or have guests in your unit, please feel free to give them my contact information so that I can do whatever is needed in an attempt to alleviate the issue(s). 

Happy holidays to everyone and please contact me with any questions or concerns.



Cell (251)747-4111

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