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Changes In Storm Preparations: Information For Owners/Managers

As we were preparing for TS Gordon, several managers of Young’s Suncoast Properties discussed ways to be more efficient in our preparations.  One of the things discussed was how to handle securing of furniture when needed.  We decided in an effort to be more efficient, instead of moving furniture INSIDE, to locate it to the west side of the balcony, turning furniture on sides and tables upside down so the are not “lifted” by the wind.  Lightweight furnishings were taken inside. 

The reason for this logic, is that we are finding many owners are switching to the composite material, which is incredibly heavy.  Many times we have one person to move furnishing in while other staff members are securing common areas.  Moving the heavy composite inside is time consuming and difficult, especially if we have one person doing that work.  Also, many owners have metal furniture that rusts, and when we bring these furnishings in, plastic must be placed to protect flooring from rust stains.  For these reasons, we chose to leave on balconies as mentioned above, during TS Gordon (corner units only were done) and it seems to have worked.  

As is typical, we will secure furniture when necessary as our time allows, but it is up to the owners to have furnishings set back up for pending guests.

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