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San Carlos Parking Procedures Revisited

Hello everyone!  The busy season is upon us!

-We have a lot of new owners at San Carlos, as well as management agents for owners.  

Please find attached the written rules for parking passes for San Carlos, also available on the website at

 As a brief summary, please ensure the following as we enter the busy season, and please, share with your management agent:

All parking passes for renters are to be purchased from Deborah at YSC 251-968-3802 by ALL rental agencies and VRBO owners.

Renters who do not have sufficient passes are NOT to be sent to the front desk for additional passes.  

We are seeing an increase in housekeeping/Rental Agent leaving the incorrect number of passes/wristbands for guests, and guests are being sent to front desk to purchase additional passes.  

This cannot continue for the following reasons; there is an audit done for pass income.  When guests are sent to the front desk for unnumbered passes, it throws off the audit.  In addition, we don’t want to give out excess passes without being aware that they are excess (excess pass means potential for over occupancy).

Any guests attempting to purchase additional passes will be sent back to the rental agent or VRBO owner for additional passes.  IT IS IMPORTANT that VRBO owners make sure how many passes guests need and to have that proper number of passes left for the guest. 

If it is a downtime and 3rd parking passes are allowed (see list on attached rules) it is up to the owner/agent to discern if THEY want to issue a pass.  They will not be issued at the 3rd floor office for reasons listed above.  Many Agents/VRBO send their paying guest to the YSC office to purchase passes.  If they are not guests in the YSC system, their front desk staff is not set up to document and track passes that are not purchased through Deborah, who services the HOA clients with passes. 

The ONLY passes the San Carlos front desk can assist with are complimentary guest passes for owners and their non-rental guests.  Emergencies happen, and we can be happy to help find solutions to those occasions, but please, help us follow the procedures to avoid complications during the busy season this year.

Please have your passes filled out completely, or I have to disturb your guests, which I do not wish to do.  Please make sure your guests know about the north lot as well, so they don’t stress if they don’t find parking in the main lot. It is marked – but people don’t pay attention.

Also, owners who chose to leave a vehicle at San Carlos, please read the appropriate section.

I appreciate each and every one of you for assisting us.

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