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Hurricane Procedure For San Carlos Condominium

In the event of a named storm the San Carlos Condominium Association will initiate the process to shut down the building prior to evacuation. Below are helpful hints and recommendations to alleviate issues along with owner obligations:

  • Balcony patio furniture should be easy to move into the condo quickly.  Exterior wall hangings and loose decorations are not permitted for structural and safety reasons as stated in the condominium bylaws.
  • Another victim of the strong winds is your entry mat.  Choose a low profile heavy mat and place your unit number on the back.  It is not uncommon for mats to blow down the walkway and even off the building in a heavy wind.  Size and weight are factors as to whether or not your mat will become airborne and a unit number helps to get your welcome mat back to your door.
  • Unit owners are responsible for removal of patio furniture prior to a storm occurrence. Any Unit that has not removed all furniture from the balcony by the unit owner or their representative prior to a storm, the Young’s Suncoast management will remove the furniture and set it inside the unit. The San Carlos Association will bill the owner $25.00. Please note we will not move the furniture outside after the storm. Please advise the association if you have an agreement with your rental management company or someone else that will be doing this for you.
  • Prior to evacuation the San Carlos staff will power down all elevators. Common areas, pool access, and the office will be locked. The Generator will be turned off and power to the building will be cut by EMC as the storm approaches.
  • Be aware refrigerators and HVAC units will not be operational at this point so be sure to empty your refrigerator of perishables. Pull drapes closed to limit light and heat after the storm passes.
  • Some HVAC thermostats will reset to the preprogrammed default temperature of 85 degrees after a power outage if not equipped with battery backup. Check the owner’s manual for instructions and change the batteries in the thermostat at recommended intervals.
  • After the storm has passed Young’s Suncoast management will be allowed on the island prior to residents to assess damage.
  • Please monitor this web site for updates on San Carlos Condominium.
  • Visit for updates on road closures, recovery, and general post storm information from the city of Gulf Shores.
  • It is our goal to keep you as informed as possible while managing the cleanup and repair process after a storm occurrence.