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Hurricane Delta/Sally Updates

Dear San Carlos Owners,


At this time, Hurricane Delta is projected to make landfall along the
southwest Louisiana coast late Friday evening. Gulf Shores and surrounding
areas are expected to see minor impacts from the storm’s outer bands
starting Friday night through Saturday morning. Impacts include gusty
winds, heavy rain and the potential for isolated tornadoes.


Coastal Alabama is under a Coastal Flood Advisory and a high surf advisory,
as the storm is expected to bring high and dangerous surf, deadly rip
currents and a possible storm surge of 1-3 feet. Please also note that the
mandatory evacuation order issued by Governor Kay Ivey for all tourists and
vacationers has been lifted. All residents and visitors planning to go to
the beach are strongly advised to pay close attention to flags posted at all
beach entry points. As you all know, if double red flags are flown due to
dangerous surf conditions or deadly rip currents, waters will be closed to
the public.


We have made significant headway at San Carlos in terms of emergency
renovation services, debris cleanup, and overall identification of safety
concerns for the building as a whole. Signage has been posted reflecting
“Construction Zone” and “Enter At Your Own Risk” since many areas remain
unsafe and/or hazardous to those entering the property. If for any reason
you or a designated agent may be coming onto the property, please know that
there is a “Closed Shoe” mandate in place to protect against injury.


We have multiple crews currently working seven (7) days a week on the
interior and exterior of the building. For this reason, management and the
Board of Directors urges all Owners to refrain from visiting San Carlos
until mid-November. Management companies have been made aware of the
lock-down at San Carlos and we are working diligently to assure that all
concerns are addressed and questions answered concerning housekeeping
requests along with preventative maintenance plans. Again, due to the
security concerns on-site, we continue to implement a significant security
presence in order to protect each individual unit and the building as a
whole (i.e. we simply cannot allow third-party vendors or management company
staff on-site at this point in time). At this juncture, the declaration
passed by the Board of Directors remains in place with the building closed
through December 31, 2020.


The Board of Directors and San Carlos management is presently evaluating
progress in order to nail down a specific day over the next couple of weeks
to schedule housekeeping personnel to come in and remove/replace linens in
all rental units. San Carlos custodial and maintenance staff have already
removed perishables from each unit (immediately following the power outage)
and have also disposed of obvious garbage in each unit. Further, San Carlos
staff has also moved all unit balcony furniture into each unit during
Hurricane Delta preparations earlier this week (and will also be moving said
furniture back out early next week).


Please know that I have received specific requests concerning HVAC units,
filter replacements, and general unit updates for both rental and non-rental
units. I sincerely apologize if I have been unable to respond to your
request directly at this point in time. However, I have read each of your
requests and have taken action to rectify the area addressed. At some point
over this weekend you will receive a direct response from me detailing the
internal action taken (i.e. if you wanted your management company to come in
to change your HVAC filter, we have handled these requests internally and I
will confirm with you over the weekend).


Lastly, you should all be aware that San Carlos management and the Board of
Directors met with our insurance field adjuster, as well as ICAT supervisory
staff, as recently as yesterday morning. Rest assured knowing that all
insurance personnel affiliated with the San Carlos claim have praised the
handling of this event on our end and confirmed that we are leaps and bounds
ahead of the process. By use of the San Carlos website, organization of the
impact on each unit via the file system at the 3rd floor front desk, and the
limited number of contractors used during restoration, we have streamlined
this process and set in place a precedent that everyone should be very proud
of. If your adjuster has yet to visit San Carlos, please direct your agent
to make an appointment, use the website for reference, and ultimately make
his/her way to the 3rd floor front desk for an adjuster packet of
information before heading to your unit for photographs.


Thank you all sincerely,