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Warnings Issued For New Gulf Coast Hurricane Threat

Dear San Carlos Owners:

Please be advised that Tropical Storm Gamma has emerged in the far southern Gulf of Mexico.  We will be tracking Gamma over the next few days to determine a more accurate path as it moves through the Gulf of Mexico.  At the same time, Tropical Depression 26 has developed near the Cayman Islands and will continue to push west-northward over the next several days.  Conditions are expected to become more conducive for development and intensification.  Computer models suggest that Tropical Depression 26 will become a tropical storm by Monday (to be named Delta).


On Tuesday, the projected Delta may evolve into a hurricane before reaching the western tip of Cuba on Tuesday evening.  At that point, the system may begin to accelerate due to an interaction with Tropical Storm Gamma.

By Thursday, the projected Delta may to slow down as it approaches the northern Gulf Coast.  Once in the northern Gulf of Mexico, the system will turn north/northeastward on approach to the northern Gulf Coast.  At that point, computer models are predicting the system as a Category 1 or 2 hurricane.  The projected impact points expand as far west as Louisiana and as far east as the western Florida panhandle.

Please know that San Carlos management, along with the Board of Directors, will be meeting all restoration contractors Monday morning to set in motion a prevention plan.  We will be paying very close attention to hourly updates and will post all pertinent information as decisions are made to protect San Carlos.

If you have plans to visit San Carlos over the course of the next week, please consider changing your plans immediately.  Before becoming aware of this new threat, Board members and management staff were inundated with contractor projects, security coverage, insurance compliance, and the overall preservation of San Carlos.  The fact that there may be an additional storm impacting Gulf Shores later this week mandates careful planning and uninhibited execution.

Thank you all and please look for an additional update tomorrow afternoon giving everyone a better understanding of how this system will evolve.




San Carlos Association Property Manager
Cell:      (251)747-4111
Office:   (251)948-1900
Fax:      (251)948-6764
P.O. Box 346
365 East Beach Blvd.
Gulf Shores, AL 36542


National Hurricane Center