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Tropical Storm Sally

Dear San Carlos Owners & Guests,

Tropical Storm Sally is moving west-northwest into the Gulf of Mexico and will continue this path until making landfall sometime Tuesday morning. This system will bring an extended period of heavy rain with amounts up to 20 inches for coastal southwest Alabama. Tropical storm force winds are expected in Gulf Shores, along with the possibility of significant storm surge. A Hurricane Watch will remain in effect as Sally approaches.

Sally will continue to become organized today as it moves over the warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico. It is expected to become a Category 1 or 2 hurricane on Monday as it tracks toward the central Gulf Coast, with landfall currently projected for eastern Louisiana early Tuesday morning.

Please note that, regardless of hurricane status, Sally poses a significant threat of storm surge and high winds for Gulf Shores. San Carlos staff is proactively working today to secure pool deck furniture and all first-floor loose items (i.e. trash cans, mats, bins, etc.). Depending on the severity of the storm surge, we may need to raise all elevators to the third floor to prevent damage. I will give as much notice as possible if/when this action becomes necessary as well as access instruction.

All Owners should please review the following to assure preparedness:

1. If you rent your unit, please contact your management company to discuss procedure for removing all furniture and items off of your balcony (especially end units due to the fact that items will need to be removed even if the Sally doesn’t reach hurricane status);

2. San Carlos staff is always here to assist with moving your furniture and balcony items into your unit (cost of $25 and does not include moving items back out onto the balcony);

3. If this system advances into hurricane status, I will provide as much notice as possible toward locking the building down, erecting our hurricane shutter system, raising all elevators, and essentially making absolutely certain we are adhering to every aspect of our hurricane preparedness procedure in an effort to protect this building and each of your units.

Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns (251.747.4111).


National Hurricane Center