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Tropical Storm Laura (Update 8/22/20)

Dear San Carlos Owners & Guests,

The National Hurricane Center is maintaining that, depending upon a
multitude of factors, there remains the possibility of hurricane danger for
the U.S. Gulf Coast next week (anywhere from the Florida Panhandle to the
Texas coast). Projections show Laura entering the Gulf of Mexico by Monday
with strengthening potential before it nears the Gulf Coast sometime
Wednesday afternoon. If Laura’s track happens to miss at least some of the
Caribbean islands, it may enter the Gulf of Mexico as a much stronger
system. Further, another complicating factor is the potential that once
Laura moves into the Gulf of Mexico, it could interact with Tropical Storm
Marco once that storm is also in the Gulf.

Summary of updates:

* Tropical Storm Laura is currently spreading into the Virgin Islands
and Puerto Rico;
* Tropical storm warnings have been issued from the Leeward Islands to
the Bahamas;
* Rainfall flooding is the primary concern this weekend;
* Laura will enter the Gulf of Mexico sometime Monday;
* The intensity and track is still uncertain when it approaches the
* There is an increasing hurricane risk for the northern Gulf Coast
next week.

The bottom line is simply that it is still too early for the National
Hurricane Center to predict areas of peak impact for either of these two
systems. I will continue to monitor both systems and update everyone as
more information becomes available. As mentioned in my previous post,
please review the following to assure preparedness:

1. If you rent your unit, please contact your management company to
discuss procedure for removing all furniture and items off of your balcony
(especially end units due to the fact that items will need to be removed
even if the system doesn’t reach hurricane status);

2. San Carlos staff is always here to assist with moving your furniture
and balcony items into your unit (cost of $25 and does not include moving
items back out onto the balcony);

3. If this system advances into hurricane status, I will provide as
much notice as possible toward locking the building down, erecting our
hurricane shutter system, raising all elevators, and essentially making
absolutely certain we are adhering to every aspect of our hurricane
preparedness procedure in an effort to protect this building and each of
your units.

Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns (251.747.4111).