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Tropical Storm Cristobal

Dear San Carlos Owners & Guests,
Tropical Storm Cristobal is strengthening as it tracks northward through the Gulf of Mexico and will bring expansive threats of flooding rain, coastal flooding, high surf and strong winds to the Gulf Coast this weekend.  Cristobal does not look like a classic tropical cyclone and some of its strongest impacts will be felt far from the center of the storm.  Maximum sustained winds have increased to 50 mph, as of Saturday morning.

Cristobal has made its predicted northward turn and has a forward speed of around 12 mph as it moves through the Gulf of Mexico.  That should bring Cristobal’s center ashore along the northern Gulf Coast of the United States Sunday night.  Fortunately, there is no expectation of an intense hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico at this time.  Please note that even though Cristobal is not forecast to reach hurricane status, that doesn’t mean it won’t have serious impacts including heavy rain, wind, and the possibility of coastal flooding.  These conditions may linger into Monday along the northern Gulf Coast.

Please take the following precautions at San Carlos:
1)  Please place all flotation devices either in your units (not to be stored in the walkways) or secure them in the various bins in the poolside storage area (located under the stairs on the east side of the pool deck);
2)  Please remove items from your balconies that would be subject to blowing over your balcony railings (e.g. flotation devices, towels, light furniture, etc.);
3)  Please bring all glass items inside you unit (including non-affixed glass tabletops);
3)  Please adhere to the surf conditions as reflected by the colored flag system:
4)  Please note that Suncoast Beach Services will be moving and securing all beach chairs today in anticipation of tropical storm Cristobal.  All chairs will be be taken back to the normal beach location and reopened as soon as the storm passes and it is safe to do so.
Please contact San Carlos Management with any questions or concerns (251.747.4111) and we will continue to keep you updated.